[CT Birds] Olive-sided Flycatcher*s* in East Rock Park, Hamden CT

Christine Howe clhowe2 at yahoo.com
Sun May 17 23:10:34 EDT 2015

My first time posting, but after Mark's lead-in, I had to do it. After looking at my photos, the answer is...
TWO Olive-sided Flycatchers today in East Rock Park, Hamden, CT, on Farnam Drive in a large dead tree on the west side of the road about 100 yards south of the gate to the Davis Street parking area near Trowbridge. The second bird flew in at 1:33 pm, and one chased the other off within a minute. I add my thanks to those who found/re-found the bird: Jerry Connolly, Bob Dewire, Steve Broker.
I went back this evening, and one bird was there until 8:19pm, when it flew east with deliberation and did not return. 
Info and photos on eBird:

Chris HoweHamden CT

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Thanks to Jerry Connolly, Bob Dewire, Steve Broker and Chris Howe for finding and keeping track of the olive-sided flycatcher at East Rock Park. I happened upon Chris as she was watching it on Farnam Drive in the early afternoon. Thanks to Roy for sending out the location.
We wonder if there might have been two, but I'll leave the telling of that story to Chris.


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