[CT Birds] Barn Island today: Orchard Orioles

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Mon May 18 19:14:44 EDT 2015

Spent almost all of today on Palmer Neck Rd and Barn Island WMA in Stonington.

Will attempt to be succinct.

Not a lot of migrant passerines, but good numbers of both nesting species and migrant shorebirds

Some no see ums:  no Bobolinks on Palmer Neck Rd, and no Saltmarsh Sparrows at Barn Island.  Maybe they are there and it is just a question of my not seeing them.  I certainly was listening for them.  Also did not hear any cuckoos in areas where I have had them before.

The highlight of the day for me was the two gorgeous Orchard Orioles, both m and f, that I had in a flowering crabapple tree just off the path at Barn Island.  I guess that is why they call them ORCHARD Orioles.  

Here is a list of the waders and shorebirds I saw today:

40 Glossy Ibis, very distant
30 Black-bellied Plovers.    In FL I see them in nonbreeding plumage so this was a real treat to see them all decked out in their breeding finery.

12 Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs
16 Semi-palmated Sandpipers
15 Willets, very vocal!
6 Great Egret
4 Snowy Egret

Among the many nesting species here are some of my favorite birds of the day:

Yellow Warblers EVERYWHERE, very vocal!!!!
Many American Redstart
Many Common Yellowthroat
1 Blue-winged Warbler (Palmer Neck Rd)
2 Eastern Kingbirds (Palmer Neck Rd)
3 Yellow-throated Vireos
3 Marsh Wren
3 Veery
1 Wood Thrush
8 Baltimore Orioles
Barn Swallows everywhere and a few Tree Swallows
1 Field Sparrow (Palmer Neck Rd)
6 Least Tern

A nice day to be out and about and enjoying bird song.

Carolyn Cimino

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