[CT Birds] Besides the East Rock mourning and canal trail prothonotary

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Mon May 18 20:45:18 EDT 2015

>From Mark Scott: 5/18/15 -- East Rock Park, New Haven -- including the previously reported mourning warbler on Trowbridge Drive found by Tom Murray,  16 species of warbler; most noteworthy were Wilson's, magnolia and Canada (river path), Tennessee (Giant Steps) and another Canada (Trowbridge Drive). Also veery and singing Swainson's thrush.
Farmington Canal Trail, Hamden/Cheshire -- in addition to the previously reported prothonotary warbler, yellow-billed cuckoo, black-billed cuckoo (north of the power line cut), several singing veery and the expected power-line cut nesters: prairie and blue-winged warblers, field sparrow. Thanks, Jim and Carol Zipp and Sara Zagorski.
Yard, New Haven -- three brown thrushes at overlapping times: Swainson's (singing), veery (silent) and gray-cheeked sp. (silent). The latter bird was grayish-brown above, for whatever small diagnostic value that offers. Ten species of warbler, including six blackpolls, a Canada, and a yellow, all male; and female American redstart, common yellowthroat, Northern parula and magnolia.

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