[CT Birds] Probable BICKNELL'S THRUSH-Greenwich sat,sun 5/16-5/17

Stefan Martin nafets519 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 07:22:50 EDT 2015

Early Saturday morning I observed a singing 'type' Thrush in the pouring rain at Laddin's Rock in Greenwich. From what i heard through the rain, the birds song most closely resembled that of a Bicknell's Thrush. The next day I birded the area in hopes of re-finding the bird (and of course warblers). I ended up with 17 species of Warbler and audio recording of what I am now nearly certain is a BICKNELL'S THRUSH. The bird was singing on and off for nearly 10 minutes. I noticed a full Thrush song ending on an upslur.  I understand this can sometimes vary and am waiting on expert feedback for confirmation. In the recordings you can clearly here the end note and two different pitched call notes. I figured this was worth posting considering we don't often get singing Bick here in migration. 

Happy Birding,
Stefan Martin

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