[CT Birds] T.v. 5/18.

Lisa Gagnon lisa.gagnon45 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 19:55:27 EDT 2015

Lisa G. Thanks to all who answered about the vultures... I have a pair that
hang around quite a bit. My curiosity was peaked however when for the last
week one of them has been coming into the yard and landing in a tree at the
abandoned house next door, he or she then goes low into some brush.  There
is nothing dead that I seen in there. So I was wondering what there up
to.... Crows do not like them in there.... There has been some crazy
activity this season around the yard, including a female mallard duck that
was coming in and out of that area also. Maybe there's something good they
found over there. .. Also have a pine siskin still here, I had to really
listen and watch the thistle feeder to make sure. Lisa.

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