[CT Birds] Court St Eagles

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri May 22 19:48:40 EDT 2015

Friday 10am thru noon the eagle pair was observed acting like eagle parents. I had just missed 2 deliveries of food but nonetheless both parents were obviously attending to chick/s. I got clear views of one so I will go on just that one. From its size I will guess 3 weeks old and very able to hold it's head up and peer over the edge. With both adults present the female perched herself up on one of the main branches and baby nuzzled up under her wing ... very cool ... my first eagle baby ever. Not soon after the male took off for points unknown while momma fed the baby and worked on her feathers. Ideal photo weather perfect light which yields nearly spot on captures. 

Around 1pm I hit Milford Point. Was going to check on the ospreys from the tower but with a steady north wind physically moving the tripod why waste my time. Off to the sound where numerous Killdeer were nesting being chased by various piping plovers with all the enclosures occupied.  To my eye the plovers were taunting the Killdeer who would dive bomb them and run to the enclosure ... see you can't do anything. Least Terns every where .... many apparently  on nests with others scouting the area. 3 pair of American Oyster Catchers fighting over turf ... I guess 3 out on the spit may pose a challenge.  2 Golden Plovers ... 2 possibly more Ruddy Turnstones and various other shore birds in varying breeding plumage.  What made it terribly difficult with the tripod was the wind. Even jamming the legs into the sand the wind would have knocked it over if left unattended. A real shame with so many birds there just might have been something cool among them.

New Milford
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net
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