[CT Birds] Hubbard Park Walk Tomorrow

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Sat May 23 14:56:59 EDT 2015

 Anyone who isn't planning on doing an organized walk tomorrow, if you are  interested in doing the access road to the castle, I will be at the gate at the bottom of the access road tomorrow morning at 7am.  There is parking around the gate area.  This late in the migration season there may still be worm eating warblers, and water thrushes.  Most years rough wing swallows have nested at the Merimer pump house and veerys, wood and hermit thrushes are still coming through.  I normally walk to the dam, about half way up to the castle, where there maybe Blue Birds, orioles and tanagers.  The entire walk will be around 2 hours.  Any later than 9:30 and too many walkers with dogs, plus the gate to allow traffic to the castle is opened at  10:00.  If you need directions to Hubbard Park, call my cell at 203-214-9445.
Ricki SoucyMeriden 

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