[CT Birds] Hubbard Park walk

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Sun May 24 11:40:34 EDT 2015

 Great walk this morning at Hubbard Park.  As is usual, the walk up to the castle was "infested" with red eyed vireo's, more than I could count.  Best part of the walk was a rough wing swallow taking chunks of dog poop off the road at the dam, and using the chunks to build a nest behind a concrete barrier just up the road from the dam.  Also found a blue grey gnatcatchers nest on the backend of Reservoir Rd.  
Birds seen (or heard*)
Baltimore OrioleVeery*Wood ThrushOven Bird*Great Crested Fly CatcherBlue Grey GnatcatcherWorm Eating warblerBlack Throated Green WarblerBlue BirdPhoebeCat birdRed Eyed VireoBlue Headed VireoRough Winged SwallowChickadeeGold FinchChipping Sparrow
The two species that are usually in good supply and voice, Tanager and Rose Breasted Grossbeak, were MIA.  Also, too many Cowbirds.
Ricki SoucyMeriden

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