[CT Birds] Saugatuck River Birding

Preston Lust prestonlust at yahoo.com
Sun May 24 12:16:43 EDT 2015

5/23/15, 9:40–10:00 AM -- Grace Salmon Park, Westport

More interesting land birds than shorebirds: only 2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS. Otherwise, there were 2 WILLOW FLYCATCHERS, 1 PURPLE MARTIN, 1 MARSH WREN, and several other species.

5/23/15, 10:38–10:58 AM -- Saugatuck River at Parker Harding Plaza, Westport

Many nesting swallows, including 5 BANK SWALLOWS, 15 BARN SWALLOWS, 1 TREE SWALLOW, and 2 NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS. 2 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS flew by quickly down river, calling. There were also 2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS.

5/23/15, 10:58–11:38 AM -- Gorham Island, Westport

Gorham Island was bustling today with waders and waterfowl. The sandpipers present were 3 SPOTTED SANDPIPERS, 2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS, and 11 LEAST SANDPIPERS. The regular swallows were also there, so were 2 MARSH WRENS.

Preston Lust, Westport

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