[CT Birds] Chaffinch Island Park

Daisy daisye23 at yahoo.com
Thu May 28 13:53:03 EDT 2015

I don't hear of anyone birding this location. What a gem!! Chaffinch Island is in Guilford and easy to get to. I didn't have much time here but I was pleasantly surprised and the birds I did see.

Chaffinch island:

20 Ruddy turnstone
10 Common terns 
2 Willet 
2 Osprey 
House finch 
10 Great BB gull 
Bald eagle
Snowy egret 

The osprey was eating a fish in a tree and then left it to chase off a bald eagle. The eagle eventually caught its own fish and settled on nearby rocks... and then was harassed by gulls, lol.
I'd love to hear from any birders who visit! It's not far from Hammo at all. 
~Daisy Echevarria 
Groton, CT

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