[CT Birds] Milford Point

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri May 29 18:45:05 EDT 2015

The Court Street eagles looking fine ... the little guy didn't give very many photo-ops today. Tired I guess.  2 1/2 hours the female was with the baby and for the most part didn't move. The male popped up from behind the nest landed then less than a minute dove back down into the trees. With today and the past 2 visits nearly 11 hours watching no food has been brought to the nest ... again this seems to be odd.

Out on the point the piping plover enclosure nearest civilians has a PP sitting on 4 eggs where the 4 little guys who recently hatched were observed feeding. Two others have PP sitting on eggs ... couldn't get a good visual.  The other 2 I didn't check.

Found 4  individual Least Terns sitting on 3-4 eggs with many flying out over the sound and delivering food.

AOC where the other day there were 3 pairs today only one being pestered by a gull. The AOC had enough of him and finally chased it off.

Many Ruddy Turnstones feeding on the very low tide line other than this no other shore birds obsevered.

New Milford
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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