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Sun Jun 7 18:24:40 EDT 2015

>From Jamie Sydoriak and Andy Rzeznikiewicz :

"Arrived at the Suffield Wildlife Management Area later in the day than we wanted to, but still detected at least:

-- 2 Grasshopper Sparrows:  seen and heard in different territories
-- 3 Eastern Meadowlarks:  1 singing, 1 chattering, 1 flew in quietly
-- 1 American Kestrel:  female, first seen perched on the nest box erected on the CT side, then seen foraging/hovering over the grasslands in CT.

All of these grassland birds were seen on the CT side.  There is also a Kestrel nest box erected out on the MA side, but we didn't see a bird atop it.  All except the western 1/3 or 1/2 of the MA side where it is still shrubland, the MA Dept. of F&G, Division of Fisheries & Wildlife has completely removed all woody material and reseeded with what I assume is a warm season grass mixture.  Much of the land is still bare soil and the grass (and some invasive herbaceous spp.) is coming back in places.

Glad to see MA spending the resources necessary to get this important habitat area ready for use by grassland-nesting birds and other wildlife.  I can only imagine how great it will be for grassland birds when the entire area of grass comes in full, and so long as it continues to be managed in an open and grass-dominated state.

CT DEEP has removed from its side the tall shrubs I saw there last summer.  There is a spot where debris still remains from when they took down the barns, and invasive herbaceous is coming in some places (e.g., mugwort), but overall I'm glad to see CT is also taking the time and resources to do its part for this potentially amazing place for grassland birds and wildlife.

After our pleasant visit today, we gained a renewed hope that there might be a chance for nesting bird populations that currently use Bradley Airport and Rentschler Field to find a new home....

Other birds seen/heard:
-- 2 Bald Eagles
-- 1 Brown Thrasher
-- Common Yellow-throat
-- Mockingbird
-- Tree Swallows
-- Red-tailed Hawk
-- Red-winged Blackbird

- Jamie & Andy
Pomfret CT"


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