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Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sun Jun 7 19:24:43 EDT 2015

The Birds of Prey at Green Chimneys in Brewster,  NY was an outstanding show & event. Having never been to such an event seeing so many raptors sitting on perches or on the grass was well worth the crowds. Several handlers did flyovers with their birds and these birds have minds of their own. Returning only when they wanted to. Twice the handler had to find his bird which of course he did. The Eurasian Eagle Owl was kind of cool since he was 12 weeks old and 2 others maybe 6-8 weeks old. The Step Eagle from the Chec Republic looked very similar to our Golden Eagle but considerably smaller. I mentioned to a demonstrator that we fortunate this winter with the Northern Harriers due to the cold only to learn they are endangered. He was quite surprised that we had as many. It's all about habitat and food.

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