[CT Birds] migration, mimicry, and meaningful discourse among birds in Pachaug State Forest

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Mon Jun 8 19:10:06 EDT 2015

While the comical nature inherent in a robin's mimic of a hermit thrush is easily conveyed other birds are astonishingly close to performing thrush songs.  On Friday evening at Nehantic Trail above the observation deck at Beachdale Pond (Voluntown) a note-perfect Swainson's thrush song was performed several times and I hustled to the sector of its origin.  A quick observation was that the song actually was without a single instance of a chorded melody and possibly a mimic, on one hand a letdown due the rarity of observing the Swainson's thrush, while on the other hand a challenging opportunity to find which bird has added perfect Swainson's to its talented repertoire.
In a moment the same bird was reciting hermit thrush, passive and without chord so I began considering a warbling vireo which I determined were present closer down the trail.  After hermit thrush was repeated several times, a distinguishing vireo 'fweep, fweep' was sent and returned from two others closer to the pond.  The trio called back and forth into the close of sunset.  I didn't make a recording but returned the next evening ready to capture an audio of what I determined are white-eyed vireos, only by Saturday the vocal lead was handed over to veerys as they assume a growing presence this month.   
Brian Williams   

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