[CT Birds] Questions about breeding records and late dates

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 20:55:05 EDT 2015

Birders who are interested in the historical nesting records of certain
species in Connecticut or in record late/early dates for migrants should
obtain a copy of
"Connecticut Birds" by Joseph Zeranski and Thomas Baptist. The book was
published in 1990 by the University Press of New England and some of the
information is now out of date, but it is still an excellent reference. I
am sure that it can still be found online.

As to the Nashville Warbler question, Connecticut Birds states that
Nashviille Warbler began to expand its nesting range from west of the
Appalachians into New England possibly as early as the 1830s. It could be
found nesting sparingly all the way down to coastal Connecticut but began
to withdraw to higher ground in northern Connecticut in the early 1900s.

Connecticut Birds also states that the latest reported date for a spring
migrant Blackpoll Warbler is June 19. That occurred in both 1977 and 1983.
Again, Connecticut Birds was published back in 1990 and it is very likely
that there have been later spring sightings since that time, but the book
is still a good reference source. Checking eBird historical records should
also be useful.

Charlie Barnard

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