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Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 16:16:49 EDT 2015

​6/17  Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center,  10am-1PM, mid
tide-rising, sunny, 70-75F.
At 10 am, the female osprey was on the nest with the three chicks.  Male
osprey on perch.
At 11am, both parents watch intently and call as a third osprey circles
nest.  There was another pair of ospreys far out on the spit (viewed
through scope), just sitting there. At 11:10, the male brings in a fish
which the female feeds to the chicks. all chicks are growing nicely.
On the marsh- 2 adult Yellow crowned night herons catching and eating
fiddler crabs, mallards, D. C. Cormorants, 5 Brant far out on spit along
with an Oyster catcher, 4 Mute swans,  Snowy egrets, Great egrets,  Least
terns flying around.  On grounds:  Tree swallows in nest boxes, Purple
martins with young in the gourd condo,  Robins, Cardinals, House finches, ,
and a common grackle bathing on edge of marsh, ( many other Common
Many visitors today.  One young man (about 6 yrs old), told me that if a
"bear rings my doorbell, I should not answer the door, and it will go
away".  I told him that I would remember that advice  :)
One cute little camper introduced himself to me and proceeded to tell me
ALL the things he was going to see today-bugs, birds, crabs, fish, beach
etc etc.  Very sweet.
Bev Propen, Orange

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