[CT Birds] Hamden barred owl +

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 19 21:17:41 EDT 2015

 From Mark Scott: 6/19/15 -- Lockwood Farm (Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station) property, Hamden, adjacent to and seen from Farmington Canal Trail, south of the Sherman Avenue parking lot -- barred owl. Its presence was revealed by various corvids mobbing it as it sat; location was at edge of a block of woods adjacent to a field with saplings, across the trail from a green bench with a plaque from the Bzdyra family. Property is fenced off and posted against trespassers. It would be interesting to know if any experiment station employees have been seeing or hearing barred owl(s) on the property. This species is a canal trail first for me.
Also on the trail, yellow-billed cuckoo in Cheshire near the intersection with South Brooksvale Road.
And a clarification: according to someone familiar with the species, the Eastern hog-nosed snake reported earlier this week from West Rock Ridge State Park, Hamden, may have been looking for a spot to lay eggs, although this was not observed. Apparently this snake is a species of environmental concern; the location of possible egg-laying will not be disclosed.

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