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Steve, et. al.,

In April I had what I judged to be a leucistic Common Grackle in Milford
that matches your description, in the area of the harbor across from Wilcox
Park (this was at the time when the lovely Red-necked Grebe was in the
harbor...).  There's a link to a picture in the email report below if
you're interested in taking a look.  Would be fascinating to know if it's
the same bird (Or would it have to be?  How common is leucism anyway?!)

James Winkelmann

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Subject: Milford, Stratford highlights from 4/9: Yellowlegs, Loons, Grebes,
Egrets, Ibises, + unusual Grackle
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Apologies for the late posting as this is from yesterday April 9th, but
nothing that hasn't been reported previously.  Still, some good birds, and
one very unusual Grackle, link to (very poor) image below.

*Silver Sands State Park, Milford:*

Wild Turkey - 1
Red-winged Blackbird - 50+
Starling - 100's
Common Grackle - 45+
Brown-headed Cowbird - 25+
Carolina Wren - 2
Red-tailed Hawk - 1
Acc. sp - 1 (prob. Cooper's with long tail and large head, but pretty far
Song Sparrow - 5
Northern Flicker - 1
Great Egret - 4
Green Winged Teal - 9
Greater Yellowlegs - 1 (bill much longer than head, slightly upturned,
relatively thick "knees")
Belted Kingfisher - 1
Red-breasted Merganser - 5
Greater Scaup
Herring, RB Gulls, Brant
Red-throated Loon - 1, basic plumage
Cardinal / Robin / Chickadee / Titmouse / Goldfinch / Am. Crow / M. Dove /
Downy / Red-bellied WP

*Milford Harbor, Milford (from Wilcox Park as previously reported - thanks
for the tip!):*

Red-necked Grebe - 1, beautiful breeding plumage
Horned Grebe - 2, transitional plumage, one almost complete
** Common Grackle - 1, apparently partially leucistic, with a white head.
Here is a link to a very poor, distant photo.   You'll need some photo
manipulation software or a tablet to zoom in to get a decent look (iphone
held up to the scope trick!), but it was an interesting looking bird.  Any
comments clarifying ID welcome!


*Birdseye Boat Ramp, Stratford*

Northern Shoveler - 1
Horned Grebe - 2
Am. Coot
Am. Wigeon
Dbl Crested Cormorant - 4
Great Egret - 2
Snowy Egret - 1
Red-breasted Merganser
Hooded Merganser

*Office park pond (across street and S of Frash Pond), Stratford:*

Yellow-crowned Night Heron - 1
Tree Swallows - 55+ all swirling around the pond, pretty cool

*Rt. 113 & Access Rd pond, Stratford:*

Glossy Ibis - 2
Snowy Egret - 2
Great Blue Heron - 2
Northern Shoveler - 2, drake and hen

*Long Beach, Stratford:*

Common Loon - 2
Red-throated Loon - 2
Great Egret - 3

Nice day!

James Winkelmann

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