[CT Birds] Message to all fishermen.

Charlie Plimpton plimptonc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 15:28:38 EDT 2015

I live in Weston on the Saugatuck river where we get a plethora of spring
fishermen. Last week I went across the river to Keene Park which is a local
dog park and a hot spot for fishing. I Immediately found a juvenile Cedar
Waxwing that appeared to be caught on something in a tree along the river.
I pulled the branch down and saw that the bird had a fish hook stuck
through its top bill and was tangled in the line. I proceeded to carefully
pull the hook out of the bill and the bird flew off into a tree. Hopefully
the bird survived.

I then checked the rest on the river bank for hooks and found 3 more hooks
with line stuck in tree branches. If you are a fisherman, please try and
pick up your hooks. Some of these lures look like bugs to many birds.

Charlie Plimpton

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