[CT Birds] How did the Stonington eBird report get Approved?

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 26 08:05:41 EDT 2015

There was a Stonington report from yesterday that was Approved in eBird.  Just for fun, I selected the location and date of 6/25/15 and the following species (that were approved) showed up only by selecting "Show Rare Species" -- 2 Northern Flicker (Red-shafted), 1 Sandhill Crane, 2 Red-necked Grebe, 1 Orange-crowned Warbler, 1 Wilson's Warbler, 2 White-crowned Sparrow, 1 Wilson's Snipe, 2 Lesser Scaup, and 2 Northern Shoveler.  Actually, to select Red-shafted Flicker, I needed to hit "Add Species" and type it in and then select it.  
This report would be the best CT June report of all time.  For example, this would be the first Red-shafted Flicker in CT and the first Orange-crowned Warbler seen in CT in June (according to eBird).  So my question is, how was this report approved in eBird?  It seems like other reports (that are nowhere close to being as questionable as this report is) don't get approved.  Can someone look into this.  Some birders may waste their time trying to find species that aren't there.    
Tim AntanaitisMiddletown

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