[CT Birds] Thrasher-like bill on a red-bellied woodpecker?

Carol Ansel carolansel at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 14:45:59 EDT 2015

Hi all - 
Been enjoying the plethora of birds on the mulberry tree outside my window. One odd one - I have a family of red-bellied woodpeckers, and the adult female has an oddly curved bill - here’s a link to a couple of pix:
http://www.carolansel.com/p395220844/e4c514ba9 <http://www.carolansel.com/p395220844/e4c514ba9>
http://www.carolansel.com/p395220844/e4c515724 <http://www.carolansel.com/p395220844/e4c515724>

and the male with the more typical bill:
http://www.carolansel.com/p395220844/e4c51b989 <http://www.carolansel.com/p395220844/e4c51b989>

Anyone else ever seen this?

Carol Ansel

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