[CT Birds] Hammo

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 29 08:47:31 EDT 2015

Although I don't get to Hammo that often, I am greatly concerned about the serious environmental impacts of the projects there over the years. Part of the problem as I see it is money. Beach-goers bring in the bucks to the state. Birders are only a small fragment of that. The other issue is the total frustration and despair over destruction of habitat that many of us feel. Those of us who have been involved with environmental issues for long periods of time may start to feel hopeless that our voices are not heard. I know I experience periods of burnout with this.

If Hammo has not been raised on the list, it is not because we do not care. Personally, I find myself wondering why I even write letters, call legislators, etc., but I will continue to do so. I also work with local issues where I can make the most impact. I have had success with my town in preserving grasslands, for example. These successes give me some hope that change is possible. That is what keeps me going. 


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