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John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 30 00:55:17 EDT 2015

Thought I should add my final sentiments to the ever and ongoing and never to cease saga of Hammonasset and

The wildlife/habitat  ( Ever declining ) situation.

For quite some time ( Eight or more years ) I have been observing and documenting and alerting and informing

The state/park management ( As well as yelling and screaming and cursing directly to their face and through emails )

About the lack of consideration for the wildlife and wildlife habitat.

From the first time all the kites were in the marsh, all the subsequent kite issues, the dog problems, people

Harvesting all the mushrooms along the grass median between the in/out road. People stealing bags and bags

Full of shells from “ Shell beach “ People helping themselves to all the beach rose petals to make tea. As well 

As a large group of girls scouts and their scout masters hacking and wacking away at the pine tree’s at west beach

( The Crossbill Pines ) to steal pine cones to make wreaths to sell.

I have seen it all. And have reported it all. THE STATE AND PARK MANAGMENT AND ENCON DO NOT CARE !

It is and was a waste of time. Just like when I posted the Great horned owlets being chased out of the nest

And the meetings with the state that followed, I predicted that the state would just say anything to get the heat off.

And that is exactly what happened.

Nothing has changed subsequent to the meetings. The state played the audubons and coa for fools. As I knew they would.

Hammonasset is under the jurisdiction of the parks and recreation division. NOT THE WILDLIFE DIVISION !

The wildlife division has absolutely NO SAY IN ANY WILDLIFE ISSUES THERE.

I was told by park management a long time ago, Hammonasset is NOT A WILDLIFE PRESERVE ! It is a recreation area

For people, and as evidenced by the way the state and park management handle any wildlife or flora/fauna issues

The above statement is quite true.

We should feel lucky that the state and park management allow the Menunketuck Audubon to install and

Maintain the Osprey nesting platforms and the Tree Swallow nest boxes. Because that is all you will get from the state

And park management.

I have thrown in the towel, Washed my hands, ( Wait, I have that backwards )  I have washed my hands and thrown in

The towel as far as Hammo is concerned. I REALLY DO NOT CARE ANYMORE ! It truly is a lost cause and not worth the time and

Frustration trying to evoke change. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. I know that, Have always known it, But still spoke out and cared and

Tried to evoke changes at Hammo. 

Now on the rare occasion when I do drive through Hammo ( After six thirty, When there is no charge. I will never again pay to enter that poor excuse for a park ) I just go there for a laugh and shake my head and say “ Oh well that’s Ct for you” and then pull out  my 

New York drivers license, Look at it and smile.

John Pfitzner

Commack, Long Island. NY

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