[CT Birds] A note of thanks

David F Provencher (Generation - 4) david.f.provencher at dom.com
Tue Jun 30 12:52:16 EDT 2015

In the context of recent posts I should like to take a moment to thank those in the Environmental, Conservation, and Academic community in CT for the work they do. These are difficult times, both economically and politically, in which to endeavor to protect and preserve. Those generous individuals who dedicate their lives to this struggle do so knowing they will not become wealthy, know they will receive little glory (much more often criticism for not succeeding in every effort), and know they will often be forced to fight a rearguard action to slow the loss and degradation of our natural habitats. It is just this commitment and stick-to-it determination in the face of heavy opposition that sets these quiet heroes apart from many of the rest of us. It is easy to become discouraged and to walk away from the fight, or to criticize those who do not succeed at every turn. In military terms that would be described as "leaving the field to the enemy." Surely much has been lost of our beautiful and intricate planet, but how much more would have been lost without these individuals who fight against the tide every day? And to, in disgust, surrender the field to the opposition simply means accepting the loss of everything.

If I had my way the world would be a very different place. But I can't have my way entirely (which is likely very fortunate), and neither can anyone else. What I can do is vote. I can write letters and emails. I can teach. I can respect other's positions while trying to sway them to mine. I can try to spread my respect and concern for the natural world and share my fascination of birds. I can also try and remain positive in the face of great difficulties, and not let losing some battles cause me to surrender the field entirely. I can not just walk away, because the fight will only follow me wherever I try to hide.

So thank you to those women and men who man the trenches in good faith. There are many in the birding community and beyond who deeply appreciate you, and have your backs. Don't give up.

Dave Provencher

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