[CT Birds] Hammonasset: Birders are recreational users.

Florence McBride fmcb_warbler at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 1 13:48:32 EDT 2015

A recent post about the situation at Hammonasset said that the writer "was told by park management a long time ago, Hammonasset is NOT A WILDLIFE PRESERVE ! It is a recreation area For people, and as evidenced by the way the state and park management handle any wildlife or flora/fauna issues The above statement is quite true."

Shouldn't we birders be making the point with as much force and visibility as we can muster, that BIRDERS ARE  RECREATIONAL USERS OF THIS PARK, and of many others!? And THERE ARE A LOT OF US.**  So our needs should be taken into account when decisions about the park are being made.
	Why don't we try to hammer home the point that wildlife habitat at Hammo needs to be maintained not just for wildlife, but for its recreational value to the many, many PEOPLE who want to watch that wildlife?  Perhaps this argument might have a chance of getting through to decision makers who aren't very interested in the wildlife itself.  
	Obviously, our use of the parks and the welfare of the wildlife we care about require the same action by the state:  preserving wildlife habitat.

** p.s.  Has anyone assembled the data about how many CT citizens are members our state's birding and nature organizations?  Shouldn't we try to have that information in hand when we try to persuade decision makers to pay attention to our concerns?  

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