[CT Birds] Hammo...get over it???

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Thought I'd an an out-of-state perspective from birders who monitor your region.Posts about degradation of well-known birding sites are valuable to birder-tourists deciding where to go and where to avoid.We don't have the benefit or the verbal grapevine, so these posts are pretty much our only source of up-to-date info about Hammo.I think all the posts are vital and interesting.  So, thanks.  Sorry about the continuing loss of habitat there.   -Ken Archambault, Birmingham, Alabama   

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> Not to keep this discussion going forever, but I just have to write.
    There are good reasons for continued discussion of issues and of strategies:  that aspect continues productively.

    There are also good reasons to pay attention to the tone of our communications.  A practical tone or an eager tone can help focus or energize our discussions.  Angry or negative tones, among us or to outsiders, are likely to hurt our cause.

    We need to work with various people and groups:  let's keep the "with" in mind.

Thanks for all you folks bring to me, & to the community.
    Arthur Shippee.
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