[CT Birds] Hammo again.... The weak of heart might want to avert your eyes

Mark Szantyr birdinggeek at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 20:54:10 EDT 2015

We are being asked to trust the park officials in their negotiations with COA and Audubon. We are asked to write the commisioner if we see any problems or have any issues. 


For startes, the new nature center is not being built on existing pavement.  It is currently being built on the fresh grass of the hill behind the current nature center.  It's three stories will most likely and effectively block the hilltop view of the saltmarsh. 

Also, putting basketball courts in the west end grassy, former, shorebird pool is not ok. 

All of this "improvement" is a travesty and violates the trust  they ask us to have. 

Maybe if we give them Silver Sands, let them make that an amusement park. It has a great beach...it can have plenty of parking... APPEASE them... Work WITH them,  maybe then they will leave Hammonasset alone....

It worked in Poland, right?

Mark Szantyr

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