[CT Birds] Hammo (again)

Jack Swatt jswattbirds at snet.net
Fri Jul 3 09:55:54 EDT 2015

  I agree with Sarah,     Why is the state building a second Nature Center if the public wasn't interested in the natural surroundings of the park.  I'm not familiar with exact plans but I think the problem is that the people making the decisions are most likely not well educated on what is, or is not, unusual good habitat for specific birds.  While making decisions to keep all users of the park happy, they may not have realized that a gravel parking area is a favored habitat for migrating shorebirds.  They probably think the birds live in the marsh and as long as they keep the marshes open the birders will be happy. I think the COA and Audubons have taken the right step in opening communication with them and being a watchdog to make sure environmental impacts, including impacts on birds, should be a part of any project being done.  But we should be doing our part as well in writing letters, organizing petitions and anything else we can do to help them achieve this.  Being silent will only make it worse.
Jack Swatt

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