[CT Birds] Fw: Never Underestimate...

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 4 08:58:01 EDT 2015

Sending again...I forgot to switch to plain text when sending to ctbird.

Never underestimate the ignorance of some of the general public about birds. A while back we were fighting to save a tall pine in West Hartford center where a red-tail hawk had made a nest. The tree was scheduled to be cut down for a developer to build a hotel. At one point I was asked by a reporter from Fox news for some info. She was surprised to learn that birds build nests to lay eggs in. This is an adult, supposedly educated woman doing a report on birds. I am still shaking my head over that one. My point is, things that seem relatively obvious to us can be totally the opposite to the public. That is why I believe that communication regarding even the most glaring environmental issues is essential. Some folks just do NOT know much about birds or nature in general. And I think the message must be drummed in again and again.
As for the reporter, I tried to give her an intro to birds similar to what I would tell a very young child. She actually did do a pretty good job on the TV spot. And thanks to many others, the tree remains standing and the young hawk is about to fledge. (It was named Delamar after the developer.)

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