[CT Birds] Warbler feeding a baby Cowbird

sffaulkner at comcast.net sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sun Jul 5 15:51:19 EDT 2015

On my birdwalk along the Farmington River in Collinsville this morning I saw a baby cowbird sitting in the grass, calling for food (annoying!!!).  I stayed a while to see who was going to feed it, and to my amazement found the parent was a warbler!  I watched them for at least 10 minutes as the female parent kept bringing caterpillars to the squawking offspring, who was close to 4 times the size of the warbler. 

I am unsure of the species of warbler -- small, perky and fast, dark short pointed bill, no eye ring that I saw but I didn’t ever have a very clear view of its face.  The overall impression was very yellow - clear yellow on head and breast, no streaking or spots, but I was able to see clearly an incomplete black necklace coming over the shoulders from otherwise olive wings and back.  The head was mostly yellow shading off to olive down the back.  Any thoughts what it was?  I’m thinking hooded, blue-winged, or Canada, but maybe prothonotory…  I can give directions if anyone wants to try to find it -- right along the bike path and probably won’t stray far with the noisy offspring.

Sarah Faulkner


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