[CT Birds] Hidden gem ... yes!!!

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sun Jul 5 19:07:39 EDT 2015

I was turned onto The Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy in Litchfield back in February by a fellow birding couple at Mondo Pond why I waited until today I don't know. This place is awesome. The ducks are in fresh water ponds literally crystal clear all protected by fencing and netting. I'd say there are 7 maybe 8 aviaries 3 open ponds where the waterfowl are free to move about on there own. 2 peregrine falcons, 2 other hawk like raptors, 1 Eurasian Eagle Owl and 1 barn owl along with a Caracole I believe. I was told all the raptors fly and they do falconry with them but no set schedule.  Just check the web site. There is also a barn/nursery for the baby ducks also 2 open enclosures for the ducks a little older.

Photography is encouraged and by special appointment 1/2 day visits are allowed where one can get into the aviaries. This fee is $100. Shooting today through the fencing posed no issues. Just getting a few shots I wanted were blocked. They tell me the best time is the fall when the males are in breeding plumage. Most today are fairly drab but still very exciting.

The donation is $10 for your self guided tour and the hours are Saturday & Sunday 10-4.

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