[CT Birds] MCC ospreys

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri Jul 10 21:05:05 EDT 2015

Haven't seen anything posted recently about the MCC ospreys but today sometime a shade past 1pm one of the baby's helicoptered well above the camera brace and even ventured away from the platform for several short flights. Won't call it a solo yet but it's on its way to freedom. The second of the 3 made a few mini attempts moving from one side of the nest to the other. #3 not quite there yet. As it would be this was done with clouds blocking the sun turning the captures into selenium tones ... not to bad ... I must say.

Now having checked on the Court Street eagle I was surprised to find both adults with the baby on the nest a little past 10am. The male took off maybe 10 minutes later with the female popping up from the far side. She then departed but with a possible osprey buzzing overhead she immediately returned letting it know it was appreciated. What I'm finding unusual is that for nearly 2 1/2 hours the baby never made itself visible. No stretching the wings nor exercising unlike the ospreys who for the most part won't sit still. I guess I can't compare the two species since they are no where near alike.

We believe the eagle should fledge any day but with these observations today who knows.

Kevin from New Milford
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

Also at Birdseye boat ramp 4 mallard males heavily molted wouldn't have reconginized them if I didn't have an understanding of ducks ... along with a great white egret putting on a flying and fishing expo same can be said for the Greenway another great white egret was showing off for the camera. One black crowned night heron and 2 glossy ibis at MCC. Not to bad of a day with the camera. Finally !!!!

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