[CT Birds] Rufous Hummingbird, Canton

James Dugan jim at duganworks.com
Wed Jul 15 12:04:00 EDT 2015

My friends,
Please don't use hummingbird nectars with red dyes in them.
Red dye in these commercial mixes has been found to be detrimental to hummers. 
A homemade mix of sugar and water is a better solution and less expensive.

A good simple recipe without dyes can be found through the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center at;

For info on why not to use these dyed products, please see:
or numerous other online publications.

If these links don't show up in the post for some reason, you will find plenty of info with a little web surfing.

Jim Dugan 
New Milford

On Jul 15, 2015, at 9:13 AM, Roy Harvey via CTBirds wrote:

> Passing along the report below.
> Roy Harvey
> Beacon Falls, CT
> My husband and I have a hummingbird feeder in our backyard and fill it with a recommended water and sugar mixture. This has been more successful than a commercial mix used in the past couple of years.
> We are delighted to see a new species and have recognized as a RUFOUS. I went to another site that listed what hummingbirds are in our state of Connecticut and was surprised to learn that seeing a rufous is RARE. We discounted it being a ruby-throatred.
> It has returned a few times and we just wanted to share that as one map we saw indicated that none were seen.
> We live in Canton, CT.
> Mrs. Shannon
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