[CT Birds] Kudos to CT bird/wildlife rehabbers

Bev bpropen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 11:49:36 EDT 2015

I always knew Our CT bird & wildlife rehabbers deserve lots of credit.  Right now I  am visiting my daughter in a Denver suburb. We found a fledgling house wren (barely flying)on the side of the road last night. 
It was trembling all over & we thought possibly a car hit .
We brought it inside , placed it in a box with towel,& local shrubbery , assuming it wouldn't survive the night.  Much to our pleasant surprise , it was hopping around in the box & attempting flights this morning. We returned it to the location we found it & we heard house wrens singing.  
It took several short flights & hopefully will be ok. 
However I had contacted a local Denver area wildlife organization last night who said they aren't equipped for injured birds & there is a lack of bird rehabbers in Colorado . The few that were listed all said " full".  The state park & rec, &
Wildlife organizations tell people who find injured wildlife " let nature take its course". 
We are fortunate, I believe, that this fledgling house wren will be ok.  But I feel badly that local Denver people have few options. 
So again, it is fortunate that in
CT we have many fine, dedicated bird rehabbers. 
Bev Propen, orange. 

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