[CT Birds] This is a wonderful Bird story if anyone would care to read it...

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Tue Jul 21 16:31:50 EDT 2015

On Saturday, Ihear a bang on a window and went out to see who might have hit it.There, halfway submerged in the water of my bird bath was, I presume,a fledgling White breasted Nuthatch. I slowly took him out and heldhim while talking to him and reassuring him it would be all right. Itook him over to my Red Cedar tree and placed him on a branchhorizontally. This tree has my summer feeder hanging from a limb, andI sit here often talking too, and observing the birds, Chipmunks andRed Squirrels. I had errands to run, so I put 2 unshelledSunflower seeds next to him to eat for when he recovered.Two hourslater when I came back, he was gone. I hope he made it. 
 Today, as Iregularly take my break sitting under my Cedar tree, I noticed thisNuthatch flying into the tree. I know it was him from his featheringaround his neck. I then of course began to talk to him saying” Imso glad you are well and flying once again.” And before I wasfinished, he flew directly at me, landing on my arm! I continued totalk with him there for at least 5 minutes, when he eventually flewoff to the feeder! I could not believe this bird remembered me andfelt safe enough to land on my arm! Nature is so amazing!

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