[CT Birds] Downy woodpecker

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Hi, Craig!
I've noticed our downies going after sunflower, too. It surprised me the
first time I saw it - seems like they were strictly suet eaters for a
long time, but I only noticed the seed-eating within the past few years.
(But that could just be me, not being observant...) There may be months
in the year where they don't need the suet as much - they certainly load
up over the winter and when nesting; but after that, there must be
enough natural protein out in the world that they aren't as picky about
the suet.
What has been eating our suet this past week is a large flock of
grackles - many more than just a parent with fledglings. They seem very
early, to be migrating. (Also heard waterthrush and phoebe this morning.
It's like the birds enjoyed spring so much, they're doing it all over
:-)  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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Subject: [CT Birds] Downy woodpecker
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Thought this might be interesting to some , I have a downy woodpecker
frequents my feeder with sunflower seeds in it. Kind of odd I thought .
Craig vernon
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