[CT Birds] Wood Thrush - West Hartford

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 09:53:34 EDT 2015

Yesterday our backyard was completely dug up in preparation for a new
garage.  At the end of the day there was a 22 x 24 flat area of upturned
dirt, and two mountains of dirt, sticks, and grass.  As soon as the backhoe
left, dozens of birds descended onto the dirt, taking dust baths in the dry
parts, and grabbing insects everywhere. It was a mob of common backyard

Then came the torrential rain!  The shallow flat area filled with water.
This morning there were robins, red-bellied woodpeckers, blue jays,
grackles, sparrows, even a Carolina Wren, hopping all over the dirt and
grabbing bugs.  I saw a wood thrush wrestling a big worm, but a nearby
robin hopped over  and stole it.  I watched the wood thrush for quite a
while, it was not shy at all.  Pretty, orangey brown back, white breast
with bold black spots, white eye-ring, longish tail. He did not bob or wag
his tail either.

Kat Kuckens

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