[CT Birds] Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Lisa Gagnon lisa.gagnon45 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 17:14:20 EDT 2015

7/24/15.   Lisa G. Stafford Springs. I just had the privilege of seeing a
immature male grosbeak hanging out with mom. What a treat. Never seen
immature before. They where here in the spring and got quiet now there
back.  The back yard where the feeders are it's so so busy. Lots of young
with parents learning the ropes. This yard gets crazier every year, and I
absolutely love it.!!! Along with my night creatures bringing there young,
skunks, raccoons, red foxes ( and the young are barking and mom waw waw
calls loud). I have to sometimes yell out the window to tell her to quiet
down. Lol... Lisa. Oh deer to.

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