[CT Birds] Coolest osprey interaction

Keith Mueller kmueller at ntplx.net
Sun Jul 26 15:33:17 EDT 2015

I just watched the coolest osprey interaction that I have ever seen. Sitting here on the cottage front deck here in Madison I was watching an osprey circle and make several diving attempts at a small school of bunker.

On the sixth circle and dive it made the classic plunge into the sound. After the typical slash the osprey popped up to the surface. With a few thrusts of its wings it just cleared the surface of the water slowly going airborne with a small menhaden. Just as the osprey cleared the water another huge splash from below the spot where the osprey broke the surface erupted as a cormorant that I never saw appeared.

The cormorant took off following the departing osprey following closely behind! The cormorant began chasing the osprey!! It then caught up to the osprey and made attempts at stealing the menhaden from the talons of the osprey!!!

After many attempts and a distance of 50 yards the osprey rolled over in flight and bit the cormorant! The cormorant apparently figured that this was not a good place to be so it broke off the chase and circled back and landed back on the water in the menhaden flock......probably a smart move! That was the coolest osprey encounter I have ever seen!
Keith Mueller

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