[CT Birds] Old Rock Pond vs Ingham Hill Pond

MKCommunications at comcast.net MKCommunications at comcast.net
Sun Jul 26 22:37:10 EDT 2015

Hopefully, someone else will double-check this. 


But I believe that the sighting of the cattle egret is being incorrectly attributed to Ingham Hill Pond, a pond that actually does exist but further down Ingham Hill Road, much closer to I-95. Official bird counts are also made from this same location under the Ingham Hill name. 


However, based on maps (links follow) I believe the pond near the Saybrook High School is actually Old Rock Pond. The road that parallels this pond on the north is also Old Rock Road. 


To make it even more confusing, there are Upper and Lower Ingham Hill Ponds nearby. 


So here are some links to maps as a start. Eventually, hopefully, either I or the sightings will be corrected. 





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