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Sounds like a Northern  Parula

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In West Hartford, on my deck  just sitting as I walked  3 feet away, was a 
warbler sized bird that was  mostly soft grey with blue tones on the back  
with 2 prominent white wing  bars, a soft yellow throat with no clear 
demarcation under the belly, and  partial eye-ring that was yellow and was broken 
at 3 and 9 o'clock. I could not  easily see any yellow on the cere. But I was 
struck with the long and slender  bill. The bill rules out Verio, and I'm 
thinking about some sort of a  warbler  like a female or juvenile yellow 
throated warbler. As I started  walking again  it did fly away and disappeared. 
The encounter was extremely  strange . Can somebody help?

Susanne  Shrader
birdgirrl at comcast.net


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