[CT Birds] R.T. Hummingbirds in O. Greenwich yard

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Tue Aug 4 22:38:19 EDT 2015

Yesterday, Monday, Aug 3rd, ~ 8pm a Male RT Hummer visited our feeder in a wild cherry tree in our yard in Havemeyer Park. He left, soon followed by a female. The male returned, and seemed to chase her away. However, a few minutes later, we saw him return about 30' away from the tree doing the 'U' shaped flight maneuvers (courtship?) about 15' - 20' in the air,  with several repetitions. Soon thereafter, the female returned to the feeder, fed, and moved up higher in the tree. Shortly thereafter, we saw the male approach her with a repeating side to side (courtship?) flight. From our vantage point we couldn't see much more as it was getting darker, and they departed. Whether together or separately  we couldn't tell.
Is this considered a mating season for hummers? Sure seemed the male was interested in this particular female.
Appreciate comments.
AL Scuterud
Old Greenwich


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