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Thu Aug 13 07:57:50 EDT 2015

Subject: Proposed Tennessee Gas (Kinder Morgan) Community Forum, Thursday, August 13, 2015 

Sent on behalf of Chief Executive Officer Scott Jellison 


Dear Town Officials,


For the past several months, the MDC has been following with great interest the plans for the “Northeast Energy Direct Project,” (the “Project”) which involves the construction and operation of gas line facilities by Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (“Tennessee Gas”) in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.   The MDC is an interested party in this project because the proposed plans for the Project envision that a new gas line would be constructed through MDC-owned reservoir property located in Farmington, West Hartford and Bloomfield.  Tennessee Gas currently has a gas line which travels through MDC property; however, the Project contemplates the installation of a new, larger gas line along a similar, although not identical, path.  


Although this project appears to have garnered significant public attention in surrounding states, there has been very little public activity in Connecticut.  An informational meeting was held several months ago at Farmington High School; however, the notice provided to the public was limited to a very small notice printed in the “Legal Notices” section of The Hartford Courant.  


Recently, I sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), with a copy to, among others, the State DPH, expressing the concern of the MDC that this project has not received the attention that is warranted.  It has now come to our attention that another “community forum” is scheduled in Farmington on Thursday, August 13.  While we applaud, and in fact, have urgently requested, that Tennessee Gas hold public hearings to fully inform the public about this project, some of the information regarding this meeting has indicated that MDC is “holding” or “sponsoring” this community forum, or taking an active role in this public information phase of the process. This is not the case at this time.  While MDC will be present for this meeting, the meeting is being held by the responsible party, Tennessee Gas (a Kinder Morgan Company).


As always, protecting the health and integrity of our public water supply reservoirs and watershed lands is the MDC 's highest priority. MDC has been emphatic with Tennessee Gas that it widely disseminate information to the public, and that the MDC will not consider any request for access to MDC property until the public has been made fully aware of the project and any potential impacts.  We are hopeful that this community forum will begin the public information process. 


Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions regarding this issue.




Scott W. Jellison, P.E. 

Chief Executive Officer 

The Metropolitan District 

555 Main Street, Hartford Ct 06103 

Office phone 860-278-7850 x 3200 

Cell phone 860-982-5015 









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