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Bob MacDonnell bob at macdonnellphoto.com
Mon Aug 17 11:14:20 EDT 2015

There's a bit more to this than Paul's post indicates. This fund has  
existed since 1965, initially approved for 25 years and then renewed  
for 25 years, so it is set to expire in 2015. In the 50 years it's  
existed, most of the billions annually generated from offshore  
drilling leases have been siphoned off into the general fund at the  
discretion of the congress. The funds from the Land and Water  
Conservation Act are also shared between recreational and conservation  
uses, which includes things like playgrounds, parks, etc… It's  
conceivable that these funds could be used by the state to pave the  
grass fields at the west end of Hammonasset.

I have a particular interest in this because I spent some time  
researching the proposed Conservation Reinvestment Act (CARA - HR 701)  
in 2000-2001. The act would have amended the Land and Water  
Conservation Act to fund projects specifically for coastal and  
non-game wildlife conservation. It was widely supported during a time  
when the annual budgets were in balance and the national debt was  
shrinking, yet it died in committee in the summer of 2001. Like most  
appropriation of federal funds, there are many hands in the pot and  
there's usually more to the story than meets the eye.

I think labeling people with different priorities as extremists is  
pretty unproductive to environmental causes. I'll bet that outside  
this forum many people would consider some of the opinions expressed  
here as extremist, too.

Bob MacDonnell

Quoting Paul Desjardins via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org>:

> The Land And Water Conservation Fund is now on the chopping block.  
> This is the legislation that has protected open space nationwide for  
> a long time. It does not cost the taxpayer anything. The money comes  
> from royalties from offshore oil and gas drilling. And yet extremist  
> members of congress what to do away with it. If you care about open  
> space let your senators know that you are opposed to the possibility  
> that congress might do away with this important legislation.
> Paul Desjardins
> Windsor Locks
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