[CT Birds] Urban Merlin

John Johnson john.adele at charter.net
Fri Aug 21 19:44:18 EDT 2015

This afternoon I had an adult male Merlin skim the rooftops of commercial buildings and vehicles along Route 7 in southern New Milford. He flew low and followed the contour of the urban "land" just as he would have in a rural area- skimming the tops of roofs, then diving down to the level of the road, then back up to skim the buildings on the other side. He came from the direction of Sunny Valley and the old dump, flying to the southeast, over Stop and Shop, Rt. 7, and the AT&T store. Very interesting to see him fly over concrete, glass, and steel the same as he would over grass and trees. He was probably no more than ten feet above the buildings and vehicles most of the time.
John Johnson

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