[CT Birds] CTBirds Digest, Vol 3099, Issue 2

James Nordgren jim_nordgren at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 23 08:58:21 EDT 2015

My wife found a northern waterthrush on the concrete outside a tall building in the Bronx this past week, it seemed to have an injured wing. She brought it home in a box with newspaper and a cup of water. When we opened the box it flew away, right to the nearest clump of trees. We did the same with a woodcock that I found on a busy sidewalk one morning on Wall St., let it rest in a box, brought it home and opened the box and it flew immediately to the nearby wetland. Lots of building strikes during migration.
Jim Nordgren, Ridgefield, CT

>   10. Ovenbird rescue II - Washington, CT (John D Babington)
>  One Spring morning?a few years ago now I rescued an Ovenbird who had hit?a window of our house here in Washington, CT. The bird was stunned and I held it my hands keeping it warm for 10 to 15 minutes a distance from the house. The bird then flew off after recovering from it's shock of hitting the window. Well today early this evening while sitting on the front porch here?I heard a crash against a window on the side of the house. Yes,?another Ovenbird who had hit a window. I picked up the bird and walked away from the house. After 10 to 15 minutes keeping the bird warm the bird recovered and flew away. When I walked back to the porch I heard the Barred owl? that we have been?hearing lately?around?the woods of the?property here?so hope the Ovenbird has no troubles with the owl. No doubt this Ovenbird?was a migrant. ?We have had a lot of bird activity?around here since Saturday morning. Had an unknown thrush getting insects on the outer porch here Saturday morning. Despite my putting up new?UV decals on the windows of the?enclosed part of our front porch?we had two more bird fatalities this summer, a?young Baltimore oriole and a Wood?thrush. Have had an accipiter hawk?hunting birds here lately, appears to be male sharp-shinned hawk.
> David W BabingtonWashington, CT


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