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Thu Aug 27 18:35:29 EDT 2015

8/27-Fairfield-Pine Creek
ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER continues.  As you walk down the ditch trail, on the
right side of the canal, go right until you reach the Purple Martin house.
Take a right, and walk down until you see another fork.  On the left, there
is marsh of phragmites.  Right in there in the phrags and birches, in a
mixed flock of warblers.

Also of note, a WORM-EATING WARBLER, magnolias, canadas, gnatcatchers,
lesser yellowlegs (heard flying over), and BANK SWALLOW.  There was also a
good candidate for a Philadelphia Vireo, but the looks were terrible. No
sign of the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.

There were many CHIMNEY SWIFTS trying to LAND on the birches!  I took many
photos and videos of this odd behavior

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Jory Teltser with Tina Green

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