[CT Birds] New London Ferry Pom Jaeger 9/4

Philip Rusch philiprusch at charter.net
Fri Sep 4 18:30:11 EDT 2015

Not to correct Frank M. , but his group was on the 11:00 boat today. 

I was on the 1:00 boat and was rewarded with a nice 2 minute view of a near adult Pomarine Jaeger in pursuit of a Herring Gull.  The jaeger was seen on the return trip from Orient Point NY right on the CT / NY border flying from CT into NY waters. I am assuming that it is the same bird seen yesterday by Mike Resch. 
I first picked the bird out by the extensive white wing flashes as it harassed the gull.  The 2 birds then flew down the length of the boat allowing me to observe the dark cap, dark body, and long central tail feathers, as well as the overall large size and bulk of the bird in comparison to the Herring Gull
I was looking for Cory's Shearwater, but got a nice substitute instead. 
In addition, there were 2 Royal Terns, 1 adult & 1 juvenile, working the rip at Plum Gut near Orient Point. There were also good numbers of Laughing Gulls and Common Terns working the many rips out in the middle of the sound. All this was on the return trip. The trip to Orient was pretty slow. 

Phil Rusch
Chaplin, CT

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