[CT Birds] Out of area, but quite possibly of interest to some

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sat Sep 5 15:23:25 EDT 2015

I know many of you have gone, and/or are planning to go birding  in 
Southeastern Arizona. One of the major "hot spots" there is the US Army Fort  
Huachuca, and because of the recent security problems at military bases, the  
rules for entering the fort have been updated.
Previously you needed only to show your driver's license (and  be a US 
citizen) to get in, but now you need to apply for and have a "Fort  Huachuca 
Access Badge". Personally, though it is a bit of a nuisance, I can see  good 
reason for it. 
In order to get one you simply have to enter the fort through  the "East 
Gate", which is now the main gate, and not the  one previously  used. When you 
pull up to the guard at the gate, tell him you need to get a  security 
badge and he will direct you to a parking lot on the right. There is a  building 
just past the lot, and you walk there from the lot. 
You will need to fill out a form, and if there are others  waiting, sign in 
and wait your turn. (You can get the form online from the Fort  Huachuca 
website, print it and fill it out in advance if you want to save  time). You 
will be interviewed by an MP who will ask for your driver's license  (or 
other gov't issued ID with a picture). He will ask you several questions and  
take your picture, which will be printed on the ID card. Actually, the process 
 is really simple and painless, and will take under 5 minutes unless there 
are  several other people waiting. 
Once you get your ID you can be on your way and enter the fort  
immediately. It is good for 30 days, for a visitor. Note: EVERYONE IN THE  CAR  must 
have and show a current ID, not just the driver. I believe other  military 
IDs, etc. can be used, however.
For most people this will be a minor inconvenience and worth  the effort. 
For those leading groups, however, it could be a more serious  obstacle, both 
because everyone in the group will have to get an ID and the 30  days 
applies to everyone except civilians that work there. Personally I  certainly 
would not skip the fort because of it. Any other questions, just email  me.
Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct.  
mntncougar at aol.com

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