[CT Birds] Colebrook River Lake

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 5 16:43:26 EDT 2015

Having seen Paul Carrier's recent reports of a Baird's Sandpiper, I decided to head up to Colebrook River Lake (aka Colebrook Reservoir) early this a.m. I didn't find the Baird's but there were shorebirds - and a huge amount of shorebird habitat. For the record, I had 4 Greater Yellowlegs, two Least Sandpipers, two Spotted Sandpipers, a Solitary Sandpiper and a Semipalmated Plover. 
It took a lot of work because this drawn-down reservoir north of Winsted, while easily accessible on the west side, is very long and filled with damp mud flats, dry mud flats with sparse grasses and sedges, rocky shores and shallow water along its entire length on both sides. I covered a lot of ground before I heard one yellowlegs, and then slowly rounded up the other birds well north of the boat launch. There's a paved road running north from the launch, and separate from Rt 8, that essentially does nothing but provide access all along the west shore. It's a big area and I am in no way confident I saw everything there was to be seen. Some of the shorebirds were quite mobile. There were two Bald Eagles hanging around and a lot of Common Mergansers on the lake.
This is a seldom-birded spot and one with a lot of potential to attract goodies (remember the White-tailed Tropicbird picked up on Rt 8 during one of our recent hurricanes?).
Greg HanisekWaterbury

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